Is Online Gambling Legal In Florida?

Much like California, Florida has protected tribal interest which host casinos and gaming operations, but does that mean online gambling is safe in the state of Florida? When the very basic questions about what the legal gambling age in Florida causes confusion, the question of the legalities of online betting really can cause headaches. As a note the legal gambling age in Florida is 18 for pari-mutuel and poker, but 21 to play the slots or other table games. As with anything check with the establishment first, be it physical or online. There are several other things talked about below that you should consider when researching legal gambling in Florida.

Legality Of Online Gambling In Florida

While the physical locations in Florida have their set rules, meaning you can either walk in to a casino or a jai-alai arena and play or not, things are different when you get online This is because you can be located in Miami or Jacksonville and bet placing a wager online or playing poker in Nevada. This is the whole confusion and why so many people carry on and play internet gambling without any official federal word about the legalization of it. Why? Because there are no laws specifically saying that it is illegal to do so, hence no-one ever having been penalized for gambling online.

The federal government has been pushed and pushed to make online gambling legal at a federal level, but nothing has ever come out of new bill proposals. So many states, like Nevada, New Jersey and California, are under their own steam in making online gambling legal. The more states that get on-board with online gambling, the safer and more established an overall set of rules will become. So while players may be having hesitations over the safety of online betting in Florida, there is really little to worry about because laws which do exist at the federal level are not intended to go after players sitting at home wagering their money.

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Is It Safe To Gamble Online In Florida?

The clear message sent by the thousands upon thousands of people practicing it anyway, is that, yes it is. The federal government, has two options, either legalize and regulate or do more to ban operations. The laws currently regulating online betting are basically designed to limit the operations of companies offering gaming and sports betting. There is nothing to punish the player, and with the expected growing zeitgeist trending towards eventual legalization, then there should be little fear about proceeding. As a word of note, it is usually less complicated to bet outside of the state that you are in, than betting online internally.

Safe Gambling Sites That Welcome Florida Residents

The fear for the federal government is that it is not what the public want and it could lead to higher taxes and more personal debt. But without legalization players can be subjected to scams and that is why it is always worth doing your online casino games, poker or sports betting at a well established and reputable site like Bovada. If you are looking for a by the book online betting site then they should be near the top of your list. Other great recommended options are Betonline and 5Dimes.

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