Legal Gambling In Florida

​While there are a few different ways to gamble in the state, including pari-mutuel wagering and a few poker rooms scattered around, there are still several forms of legal Florida gambling that have been left out of being authorized. The issue of whether or not there is online gambling legal in Florida is one that has been debated by players who are looking to participate in the games. Any form of gambling that can be found in a live gaming center, such as the Bellagio, can be found through these online gaming centers. Everything from casino games to sports betting can be found online, as can the games of poker, bingo and more. We have looked into the different legislation, laws, and rules regarding online gambling, as well as some of the better sites out there.

When people think of Florida, they think of the amusement parks, alligators, and the beaches. All of these things can be found easily, but what about legal Florida gambling? Florida has strict penalties for illegal gambling, which I will touch on. Florida has legal gambling available at tribal casinos, poker rooms, and bingo halls. Florida has eight Indian Casinos and seven of those are operated and owned by the Seminole Nation, and the other casino is owned and operated by the Miccosukee tribe. You can also take a cruise and gamble in international waters, which are deemed totally legal because it is outside of federal jurisdiction. There are also well-established and legal Florida gambling sites that are located overseas and therefore not restricted by federal mandates. Betting online is the most popular, and lucrative of these gambling methods, because players can do everything that a tribal casino has without leaving home, office, etc. Therefore, I would like to do an overview and answer any questions readers may have about legal gambling sites for Florida residents.

Can Florida Residents Gamble Online Legally?

Florida does not offer sites for online betting such as casinos, or poker that are located in the state itself, because of the laws that restrict and regulate them. However, the answer to this question is yes, you can gamble legally online in Florida. The way around the inconvenience of not having betting sites based in Florida are sites that are located overseas, like in Canada, and Costa Rica. These overseas sites are regulated, licensed, and accredited in their countries. These sites are completely legal, and they accept Florida residents. Legal Florida gambling sites have poker, sports wagering, casino slots, table games, skill games, etc. The same as if you were to go to a tribal casino.

Can You Get Into Trouble for Online Gambling in Florida?

No, no one has ever been arrested for using legal Florida gambling sites. It is not against the law to place bets online. The Wire Act was made law in 1961 and it states that the transfer of wagering information between states by wire communication is prohibited. Currently the law only really affects sports betting, and the transfer of wagering information between states. Basically, if you use an online sports betting site in Florida you must live in Florida. If a legal Florida gambling site is based out of the country then they do not adhere to the same laws and regulations as Florida based betting sites. These sites are out of federal jurisdiction and so anyone in the state can use them and do it legally without any concern of breaking any laws.

Another law pertaining to online gambling is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, also known as the UIGEA. This law works in conjunction to the Wire Act in that it was passed to help deter criminals from involvement in US betting sites. This law regulates the way overseas betting sites use certain types of funding methods. Legally, gambling sites are not allowed to transfer funds to your credit card, that’s it. This law does not affect players in Florida in any other way, except how a gambling site pays your winnings to you. Thankfully, these gambling sites have a variety of other ways to making sure that your prize money is made available to you. These alternative as just as safe and effective as credit card transfers.

I would also like to touch on the age requirements for legal Florida bettors, which is 21. While some sites state their age requirements as being only 18 to play, it is important that your individual states age requirements also be followed to the letter. Underage gambling is prohibited and we strongly suggest that players be the required age to bet on legal Florida gambling sites.

Florida Gambling Informations
Legal Gambling Age In Florida
21 Years Old For Certain Types
Types of Legal Online Gambling In Florida
Online Bingo, Casino Games, Sports Betting, Poker
Best Florida Legal Gambling Deposit Method
Wire Transfers - VISA (at sites where it works)
Best Legal Online Casino For Florida Residents
Lucky Red - $1K Bonus For Games, $4K Slots
Best Online Sportsbook for Florida Residents
Bovada - Gators, Noles, Canes, Bucs, Jags, Dolphins
Best Online Poker Room For Florida Residents
BetOnline Poker - $5,000 New Player Freeroll
Florida Gambling Laws + Legal Requirements

​The legality of online gambling is a multi-faceted affair, and the Florida gambling laws regarding the games exist on a state and federal level. On a federal scale there is no law that has made it specifically illegal for players to gamble online. The UIGEA only pertains to those who are in the business of gambling, not those who are actually gambling. What it boils down to here is the state laws. Florida is actually fairly lenient toward gambling, and this is seen by the fact that gamblers are not subject to any laws. The State of Florida has not specifically banned online gambling. Since a democratic society essentially states that that which is not illegal is legal, it is almost assumed that the games are completely legal. Another somewhat complicated question is what is the legal gambling age in Florida, and this varies. For lottery tickets, horse races and poker rooms, you will have to be 18. For casinos and sports betting you have to be 21.

Will Your Money Be Safe at Florida Gambling Sites?

When you put money into a legal gambling site in Florida it is absolutely safe. Transactions and banking online with these sites is safe. I say this because each site uses the best technology available such as various firewall, and encryption software to keep players funds, exactly that, theirs. The security of these sites is priority number one, and that entails keeping all member accounts and personal information private, confidential, and secure. It is safe to say that these sites have managed this task with exemplary skill, and we can come to this conclusion based on the length of time that these sites have been allowed to operate. If it were otherwise, everyone would know about it, nothing stays hidden on the internet, at least not for the decades these sites have been around.

Legal Florida Online Gambling Sites

Legal Florida gambling sites offer the best in college, professional, minor/major leagues, divisions, teams, etc. available in the sportsbook sections of each site. Each game, event, tournament, competition, etc. is listed and constantly updated, even while it’s live. Bet on your chalk players, get in on all the action, root for the underdog, and get down with Florida’s legal gambling sites. You will also find excellent poker and casino options. These sites have it all and a proverbial bag of chips. If you are looking for the best in legal Florida gambling, you have got to check these sites out for yourself.

Legal Online Sportsbooks Taking Florida Players

When it comes to legal sports betting in Florida, you will not be able to find much in ways of brick and mortar sports betting. Florida is just not capable of delivering the game. We have come to the conclusion that the only way to do so is by going through the Internet based gambling businesses. We are determined to bring our readers some of the most fair and legitimate betting sites around, and we have never failed to cash out through any of the betting sites that we approve. Yes, there is online sports betting legal in the state of Florida, as there is no law that has specifically banned sports gambling over the Internet.

Bovada Sportsbook
No.1 Among Florida Sports Gamblers

While we cannot promise you will win every bet through Bovada, you will never be declined a cash out if you are a legitimate player through the Bovada sportsbook. Bovada's sportsbook offers their users a substantial amount of betting lines and types directly through their betting card. Bovada covers every major and minor sport, as well as a slew of non-sporting events such as politics and entertainment. Bovada has a 100% to $250 match bonus, which gives as much money as you can afford to deposit. Deposits are made easy by way of VISA, Bitcoin and wire transfers. They have odds that are better than those in Vegas, seasonal promos based on championship events and more, plus a solid amount of money that can be won for doing almost nothing, making Bovada even more incredible.

BetOnline Sportsbook
Lifetime Bonuses + Mobile App

Back in 1996, BetOnline launched their services and offered players some of the best possible betting online. We prefer BetOnline for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that they offer more features than most other books. First and foremost, they offer betting trends and an intuitive betting card. While it may be difficult to lay odds through some sportsbooks, they have made it as easy as possible to place your bets. BetOnline offers all of their users a 50% match to $2,500, which is one of the better bonuses out there. They provide players with some of the most favorable odds, regular giveaways and tournaments, and even a casino and poker room. This is one of the best gambling sites out there, and we recommend them to both amateur and professional style bettors.

Trusted Online Sportsbooks That Welcome Florida Wagers
Sportsbook Bonus Florida Welcome? Visit
Bovada Sportsbook 100% Up To $250 First Deposit Yes Visit
BetOnline Sportsbook $2,500 On All Deposits - 50% Yes Visit
SportsBetting 75% MatchUp To $1,000 Yes Visit
5Dimes Sportsbook 50% Up To $520 Yes Visit
Legal Florida Online Casinos

Since the legislature has not yet expanded casino gaming in the state, you will not be able to walk into the Hard Rock or any of other gaming centers and play more than a few types of game. Blackjack and slots are available, but that is essentially it. Online casinos will offer you the ability to play any of the many games found in a casino, be it any of the numerous and profitable table, card and dice games. Are online casinos legal in Florida? They sure aren't illegal, so you should get in as much trouble for playing these games as you would for making a turn without using your turn signal - none at all.

Club World Casino
$777 Free Welcome Bonus

Club World Casino has made it a point to offer their users a number of different advantages. They offer their users a number of different games, with more than 130 on the market. We had also found that they provide their users with a number of bonuses, including two welcome bonuses, one for slots, one for games. Use code BIGSLOT for a 100% to $777 slots bonus or code NEW100 for a 100% to $150 bonus for games like Blackjack or Pai Gow. Club World accepts MasterCard, VISA, wire transfers and prepaid cards as deposit methods, and payouts can be as high as 94% on some slots. We have found that this is one of the most trusted casinos online, and we can tell you that Club World is a wise choice.

Best Online Casinos That Are Legal In Florida
Casino Bonus Software Visit
Club World Casino 100% up to $777 RTG Visit Casino $5,000 Welcome Bonus RTG Visit
Lucky Red Casino 400% up to $4,000 RTG Visit
Aladdin's Gold Casino 200% Unlimited RTG Visit
Manhattan Slots Casino 100% up to $747 RTG Visit
High Noon Casino 200% up to $2,000 RTG Visit
Bovada Casino 8 Match Bonuses Worth $3,000 RTG Visit
BetOnline Casino 100% up to $1,000 RTG Visit
All Star Slots Casino 65% FREE Deposit Bonus x4 RTG Visit
SportsBetting Casino 25% Casino Re-up Bonus RTG Visit
Legal Florida Online Poker Sites

Online poker is one of the most profitable forms of gambling, and we can tell you that there is legal online poker in Florida. If you do not want to travel to a poker room, which are not as common as to make it a fast drive, you can just jump on your computer and hit the tables on demand. You will have access to tournaments and cash games of varying stakes, far beyond the stakes that the state of Florida will allow into their poker room. We can assure you that, if you stick to some of the safest poker rooms, you will never have to worry about being ripped off or cheated. Hopefully we'll see you at the next World Series of Poker after playing with these games.

BetOnline Online Poker
Our Most Recommended Gambling Site

BetOnline is home to one of the most famous online poker rooms, especially if you are worried about the possibility of the poker room being shut down. BetOnline offers one of the best poker bonuses, including a 100% match to $1,000 and free entry into their $100,000 guaranteed tournament. BetOnline's service carries unparalleled quality. They have poker tables that are resizable, which helps since you can play on multiple tables at once. BetOnline provides their users with regular promotions, such as daily freerolls, and easy satellites into their $100,000 guarantee. No other poker room is as generous as BetOnline, which is why we recommend them above most others.

Florida Legal Online Poker Sites That Are Trusted
Poker Site Bonus Florida Welcome? Visit
BetOnline Poker 100% First Deposit Bonus Yes Visit
SportsBetting Poker Room 100% Bonus On Deposits Yes Visit
Land Based Florida Gambling

Florida's land based gambling industry is fairly extensive, though it is not thriving as much as it could be. The legislature has authorized blackjack and slots, as well as poker, in the Seminole casinos, and pari-mutuel wagering and poker is available at dog tracks and poker rooms. With the need for more revenue in the state, it is likely that legislators may give in to the demands of the residents and authorize full blown gambling. Consider us proponents.

As one of the more progressive states, Florida provides their citizenry with a number of different gambling options. We are hoping that Florida will even regulate online gambling on an intrastate scale, and this could come as early as the end of 2011. If you are someone who wants gambling to be regulated in the state, we recommend that you contact your local legislator and hope to make progress. For now, refer to the Florida legal gambling sites that are at your disposal.