Florida Gambling Laws - Online Gambling Laws

Florida is a state in which gambling is readily available, as laws have been passed that authorize various forms of gambling. The laws were designed to bring about various forms of land based gambling. The Seminole Tribe of Florida boasts various casinos, several poker rooms are available throughout the state, and there are also several pari-mutuel wagering facilities. The options plentiful, but players also have the option to turn to the Internet in order to participate. The laws are fairly accommodating for online gamblers, and we are here to explain why each form of online gambling is not something that will get you into trouble with the law.

Florida Casino Gaming Laws

Under the current Florida laws, a limited form of casinos are authorized. These casinos are generally operated by tribal entities, specifically the Seminole Tribe of Florida. South Florida is home to most of these casinos. The laws may change in the future to allow more casinos, notably those that are not operated by a tribal entity. The laws are clearly listed on the state legislature's website, with the criminal laws in section 849 of the Florida statutes. At this time, there are no laws specifically related to gambling on the Internet - neither for nor against this type of gaming. In order to play legal online casino games in Florida, you have to be 18 in order to participate.

Florida Sports Betting Laws

Florida, as with most states, has a few laws related to betting on sports. These laws effectively ban the creation of a sportsbook, which would make it a crime for players to place wagers on these events. Under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, Florida is incapable of actually authorizing a sportsbook on any legal basis. Residents may still bet on sports, as the state has not written a law banning betting with online sportsbooks that take Florida bettors. Bettors have to turn to the online betting sites in order to safely wager without the potential of violating any auxiliary laws, but you will have to choose only the safest betting sites around in order to protect yourself from being ripped off. A strict age limit of 21 is in place when it comes to betting on sports in Florida.

Florida Poker Laws

The state of Florida has embraced poker as a source of entertainment and profit for the state. Poker fans will find that home poker games are legal, as well as one of the main ways that players get in on the games. There are also the poker rooms scattered around the state. While they were once held limits on the bets and the times these poker rooms can operate, this is no longer the case. Betting and time limits have been removed, which allows players to get involved with few to no restrictions. Poker rooms are all over the state, but there is nothing that has prevented players from joining up with a legal online poker site for Florida players. Should you decide to start playing poker on the Internet, you will not be penalized under the laws. All of those who live in Florida have to be 18 in order to start playing.

Florida Lottery Laws

Gamblers looking for a windfall will find that a lottery has been authorized in the state of Florida. The Florida Lottery program includes a pick 3, pick 4, pick 5, pick six, and a multi-state lottery game. The Power Ball game has recently been incorporated, and players are able to join in on this huge jackpot twice a week. The lottery was designed to fund education programs around the state. Players must be 18 in order to buy lottery tickets, scratch offs and the like. This has been part of legal Florida gambling for years and there is little chance of the age changing.

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